Q: Since when does the Sweet Sixty Nine exist?
A: It is really hard to define exactly. Seems like it always existed. pl and Zen (the original founders of S69) knew each other since they both were 7 years old. The name "Sweet Sixty Nine" appeared in 1999 but the first activities on the project were registered in the Y2K...

Q: What does "Sweet Sixty Nine" mean?
A: Well, what do you think it means? Yes! This as well! :) And a couple of other meanings and contiguities...

Q: Is 1969 the year you were born?
A: Nope! We're not that old! :) The original Woodstock wasn't the reason as well... And the Moon landing was not the inspiration... :) We would love to say we were concepted in that position, but... it's impossible! :)

Q: Who invented the name?
A: Zen did! He wants to thank Julia Valet for the misunderstanding! :) It's a long story anyway... :)

Q: What musical style or genre your music belongs to?
A: None :) We don't believe in musical styles! :) Anyway, we are not the critics. It's their job to classify music we are making... But if you still want us to describe it, our answer will be: "ANTIPOP" :)

Q: Who creates music and lyrics?
A: See each song's info.

Q: Will you ever sing in any languages other in English? In German maybe?
A: Why should we? :) But if Zen will ever write a song in German, he will sing it! Versprochen! :)

Q: Do you perform live? Where?
A: The S69 used to be a studio project. However, we are performing live from time to time. Visit our NEWS section frequently in order to be informed about our next live show.

Q: Has the S69 ever made a video?
A: Once... It was a no-budget cyberpunk video for an unreleased song. Very rare specimen! :) There are also a couple of live videos. Check out the Videos section of the website.

Q: Has the Sweet Sixty Nine ever been on TV?
A: Yes. There should be some downloadable TV reports somewhere on the net...

Q: Why do you think you are a "cult band"?
A: Exactly because you're asking this :)
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