New types of reality have greatly evolved over the past few decades as many new wanna-be gods have emerged around the world. These wanna-bes can play a major role in the pursuit of sustainable personality capture for they greatly facilitate the need of emotional submission and the channeling of their thoughts and other information of the aggregate mind of humanity while providing themselves with a stable environment in which they can operate adequately - or inadequately, - depending on wherever the benefit resides.

For years the SWEET SIXTY NINE has been unofficially supplying professional advise for some stray and/or errant souls on how to respond the growing environmental disintegrity by providing them with the only authority worth of following and accepting as the indisputable leader, which the S69 definitely is. Our team is composed of highly experienced and talented professionals that have in-depth knowledge of every imaginable issue, and that have successfully completed, over the past two decades, a number of important projects in screwing the dependable world up. Therefore, we wish to express our interest in providing you with practical support, thought transfer and training to establish and/or consolidate your private points of view into a viable super-reality of our own. Please, note that you cannot refuse, for our emergence in your consciousness is inevitable, and once we are there we will not be anywhere else due to futility of any effort to remove us.

Here is our Statement of Capabilities which offers an overview of our profile and range of intentions. Feel free to contact us for any further information and keep in mind that this feeling free is something that you are going to really miss very soon.

Filthfully yours,


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